Dog Tricks, Performing, & Advanced Clicker Training
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    Dog Tricks (Clicker Tricks Class)

    Dog tricks are so much more than just cute stunts; there is perhaps no better tool than trick training for developing a strong bond with your dog. Teaching tricks helps create well behaved dogs who love to learn because they develop confidence, creativity, and focus. This class will teach dog owners how to effectively use valuable training tools--such as shaping, targeting, and behavior chains--to help develop your dogs potential. And of course, your dog will learn fun new behaviors to show off to your friends and family.

    Tricks aren't just for the average family pet; any dog can benefit from positive reinforcement based trick training--including canine athletes, competition dogs, and working dogs. Just as tricks help the average dog develop more advanced skills and concepts, they also help the more experienced dog generalize complex behaviors and foundational tools for learning. Training novel behaviors also promotes new and enhanced communication skills between the trainer and dog which can be invaluable for formal training and performance. In addition, properly (positively) trained tricks will become secondary reinforcers and can be used in compitition and working settings to motivate and reward your dog when food is not available or allowed.

    Many top trainers have recognized the indispensable role tricks can play in the development of a well adjusted dog. This has led to the development of the sport of Trick Dogging, Trick Performance, and a "Trick Dog" titling program. Students in this class will have an opportunity to qualify for their "Novice Trick Dog" (NTD) title (or to be evaluated for a higher level title if they have previously earned Trick Dog titles). Those interested may be given an opportunity to audition for the "All-Star Performance Dog Team™."

    Jacob is a "Certified Trick Dog Instructor" (CTDI) and a Team Captain for the "All-Star Performance Dog Team™"

    *Repeat Failure! Trick training can provide an unending source of enrichment for any dog. You may retake this course as many times as you like--the same tricks are not used for every session and returning students are encouraged to build on previous concepts to teach more advanced tricks. The possibilities are limitless!

    Now offering seperate classes for repeat students: Graduates of the "Dog Tricks I" class who have qualified for an Intermediate Trick Dog Title (or higher) may enroll in "Dog Tricks II" to continue learning new advanced Clicker Training concepts, work toward high level trick titles, learn complex tricks, or prepare for performing goals such as the "All-Star Performance Dog Team".

    See the Teamworks Dog Training website for details and prerequisites. Teamworks also offers a wide range of other classes and activities to match your needs and interests.

    Rally Obedience

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    Rally (also known as Rally-O and Rally Obedience)

    Come discover how fun and exciting Rally can be! Rally is a dog sport that encourages a positive working relationship between the dog and handler. You navigate unique courses guided by numbered signs describing exercises to be performed at each station. Rally exercises are designed to test your dog's useful real life skills as well as your ability to work together as a team.

    This class will introduce you to all the exercises used in Novice competitions and help your dog develop focus and confidence in the ring. You will also be introduced to positive techniques for fading food rewards and building long performance chains using conditioned reinforcers to keep your dog motivated in the ring.

    Compitition is optional but fun is expected!

    *This class may be repeated or supplemented with private coaching to help you meet your goals.
    **AKC Rally has revised regulations and several new signs went into effect 4-1-12. These will be covered in this course.

    See the Teamworks Dog Training website for details and prerequisites. Teamworks also offers a wide range of other classes and activities to match your needs and interests.

    Puppy Classes, Family Dog Foundations & Canine Good Citizen

    Puppy Class

    This class utilizes objectives from the cutting edge "Puppy Start Right Preschool" curruculum, AKC STAR Puppy, and Teamworks Puppy Class. The class focuses on proper puppy socilization as a preventative for future behavior problems, beginning training for basic behaviors, setting a foundation for future learning, and important topics for raising a well adjusted dog. Puppy Classes are currently offered on Sunday and Wednesday Afternoons.

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    Family Dog Foundations & Canine Good Citizen
    This class is a basic manners class for dogs 6 months of age and up. Jacob realizes the importance of setting you and your dog up for success. He will help you set and achieve realistic training goals and keep the learning process enjoyable for you and your dog. Family Dog Foundations & Canine Good Citizen Class is currently offered on Sunday and Wednesday Afternoons.

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    Contact Jacob if you are interested in scheduling these classes through individual or mini-group lessons.

    Learn to use clicker training techniques to establish a solid foundation for a great pet dog or performance dog.
    Private coaching and individual training sessions available through Teamworks Dog Training. Please see the Teamworks site for details and contact Jacob directly for scheduling.
    Jacob currently limits his practice to dog training through Teamworks Dog Training. Contact Jacob if you would like him to consider offering custom training options for cats and other domestic pets.
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    Interested in joining a Teamworks chapter of The All Star Performance Dog Team?

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